Next Level Athlete: Transforming Student-Athletes into Division-1 Prospects

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If you're looking to completely transform your student-athlete into a Division-1 coach's dream, while enhancing their academics and social life, you've found a home.

My team and I have created the perfect solution that any student-athlete looking to become elite can follow along, at their own pace in order to reach that next level.

There should be no guesswork when it comes to whether or not your athlete is ready for the next level, it should be straightforward and simple, which is exactly what we've created within "Next Level Athlete" 


What You Will Learn:

This entire course is structured around getting a single result, meaning each training is vital to fulfilling your ultimate goal of transforming your student-athlete into a Division-1 prospect. For those who commit themselves to the next 8-weeks of education, you find yourself not only with a different athlete but a different child overall.


✔️ How to cultivate a mindset of an elite athlete through the process of building up self-confidence, building character, developing a true work ethic and transforming the subconscious thoughts as a means of empowerment.

✔️ You will uncover what is required of you as a player at the next level, and exactly how to cultivate those soft skills in order to become a coach’s dream.

✔️ You will see precisely why it does not take years of honing your craft in order for you to become a completely different player. Just like Michael Jordan became who he was through a single summer, you will become a completely different play.

✔️ I will show you how you can optimize your body mechanics through the use of capturing your own movements, in order to correct and adjust any biomechanics that may be hindering your performance.

✔️ You will learn how to transform your body composition, whether you’re an athlete who has struggled to put on weight or keep it off.

✔️ I will give you an exact game plan for how you can turn every practice into a true preparation for the next level of athletics.

✔️ Your life will begin to match the vision that you always had of yourself as you become more and more of the athlete, and student that you’ve envisioned since you began playing your sport.


How the Course Is Structured:

  • The course is split into eight modules that you will have 8-week to complete. Each module is equipped with both the training content and all associated assignments that you will need to complete and implement. 
  • You will only be given access to the next week’s content once you have gone through the seven days of fully digesting and implementing the current week’s content. We created the course in this structure for you to follow along with the direct structure of the process.
  • Each day you will have the opportunity to send in one concise email with any questions you may have about that day's teaching.
  • You will be given full access to Coach Bobby's exclusive recorded training videos created specifically for athletes who need to be functional, explosive, strong, fast, and efficient.
  • Upon your enrollment, you’ll be added to our private Facebook Group, where Coach Bobby will be giving an hour-long training and Q&A once a week on a designated day and time that will be announced each week. This training will be recorded for those who are not available at this time.


Enrollment into the Program:

Before completing your order, you will be asked to provide the email you would like to use for your "Student Portal." Once you have complete your order, you will be sent an email with your direct login for your course materials, as well as a link to our Private Facebook group. You will also receive a call from one of our team members to prepare you for the next 8-weeks of transformation as well as to answer any questions you and your student-athlete may have.


Program Pricing: $1,997

If you have any questions please call or send a text to 408-705-7003.

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